Brown Rice-Flour Gnocchi – An Unexpected Failure

Raw gnocchi with flour on a dark surface – image from Pixabay

As of April 28th of this year (2022), I have given up many food ingredients due to having terrible anxiety since March of this year. They include:

  • Gluten
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • Preservatives
  • Caffeine

On the bright side, I’ve lost a lot of weight because of that. However, I might have made this brown rice-flour gnocchi before I went cold turkey on cutting the unhealthy ingredients out of my diet. 

While I was limiting both dairy and wheat, but for digestive reasons, I decided to buy brown rice flour, and substitute that for all-purpose flour when I chose to make gnocchi from scratch. I even went crazy looking for it in my house… until I finally found it.

I used that as well as potatoes and eggs. Then I boiled the gnocchi and tasted it… only for it to taste bitter. Seriously – I could not eat it at all.

What I expected

I hoped for this gnocchi to taste just as good as the brown rice pasta in boxes. They come in the same kinds as regular pasta – except that the brown rice pastas have only brown rice and water. That is what I like about them, especially now, since I am still trying to reduce my anxiety.

My goal was to have this brown rice-flour gnocchi as a meal with tomato sauce. Above all, I expected to enjoy it.

What I’ve learned

Not everything will substitute well in recipes, whether they are desserts, meals, or anything. 

There are gluten-free gnocchi recipes on the Internet. I remember one that called for sweet rice flour, but I don’t recall the name of the website.

Maybe the brown rice flour will work fine in other recipes. But from now on, if I want to make gluten-free gnocchi, I will find a recipe and follow it exactly, regardless of the ingredients.

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