My Process of Making Wonder Balls

Many of you probably grew up with these treats. Originally, they were chocolate balls filled with little toys. Then those got banned as they were considered choking hazards. Later, the toys were replaced with candies, which were also considered choking hazards. Therefore, they got pulled from the market.

Curious to try making my own, I’ve come across a website where you could produce your own version. That is spoonuniversity(dot)com. 

They state that it will only take you 30 minutes to create the wonder balls. However, for me, they took longer – probably because I was making them for a social event. I don’t even know how many I created.

Anyhow, here is my process:

I melted the chocolate and put them into molds.

While the molds the website shows seem bigger, the ones I ordered were a bit smaller. It disappointed me at first. But I got past it. 

I did this for several days. Below are each half I’ve made:

hollow chocolate halves in a glass bowl and container

I stacked each one on top of one another, likely since I didn’t have a lot of space. Also, they were not exactly the sturdiest. In fact, I needed to keep adding extra chocolate and chilling them since there were gaps and broken pieces at times.

Once I have produced enough, though, I selected which candies I’d use. They included:

  • Smarties
  • Skittles
  • Nerds

Not having enough patience, I ordered the candies off of Amazon – but ended up with too many. Sadly, they also weren’t eligible to be returned. So, hopefully, I’ll do something else with them. I didn’t even open the boxes anyway.

When I got the chance to purchase them at a couple of stores (CVS had skittles, but I had to buy the smarties and nerds from another store), I lay them out on a plate, which you can see below:

mixed candies in a paper plate

However, the quantity was too much. They did not all fit in the chocolate balls, so the leftovers are now in a Ziploc bag in my kitchen.

But some did fit in the chocolates, as you can see beneath:

hollow chocolate halves filled with candies

Assembling them was quite difficult, and especially messy. I had to add extra melted chocolate onto the halves and try to prevent them from melting. Oftentimes, I had to use my fingers, and put the balls into the freezer ASAP. I also had to wash my hands a million times.

Unlike what the companies used to produce as well as the spoon university website did, my wonder balls ended up the opposite of smooth and neat. See beneath:

Homemade wonder balls in a glass dish

On the bright side, they remained intact. And although I’d left the event I’d taken them to earlier than anticipated due to severe allergies, I would imagine that the guests had enjoyed them.

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