How I Reheated Food Without a Working Microwave

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We all rely on microwaves to heat or reheat our food. Some meals warm up there fine, and others don’t.

However, my microwave has not worked for a while. And my mom is against getting another, even as a backup.

My mom and I first thought that maybe it was a glitch in the electricity system. So, we reset the switches that run the power in the kitchen. While everything worked fine, the microwave did not. That was when we discovered that our microwave had broken.

It has been weeks since the microwave had last worked. While this frustrated me… I did find a solution, as did my parents.

Using the oven or toaster

And by toaster, I don’t mean the kind where you can only put bread in it. I mean a toaster oven, where you can place anything inside of it as long as it will fit.

Anyway, while this method works, it does take longer, depending on what you want to reheat.

Some items can reheat in the toaster for a few minutes without having to preheat it. Others, however, have to be warmed up in a preheated oven for longer periods of time. This, of course, depends on the food and the amount or volume.

For example, if you are reheating a small amount of breakfast potatoes, then a few minutes in the toaster will do. But if you are heating a large amount of pasta, then you will need to use a preheated oven for several minutes. Yet, a high temperature is not necessary – 350 degrees will do.


At some point, I will have a working microwave. As annoying as it is, I just have to live with the toaster and oven being my only options to reheat food.

But when I go to work, the office I work at has a microwave. So, on those days, I can reheat my food more quickly.

Hopefully, my microwave will be fixed or replaced soon. If this ever happens to you, you can use my methods.

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