The Top Dairy-Free Desserts I Have Made December 2021

Chocolate bark with crushed peppermint on top of it, sitting on a napkin

I have been sensitive to dairy ever since my early adulthood. Unfortunately, as 2021 ends, the sensitivity increases.

The symptoms included bloating and farting (so embarrassing). Therefore, I decided to restrict my dairy intake and try recipes that are meant to leave out dairy.

While I still have food containing dairy, I try to limit it as well as take a Lactaid pill before consuming the item.

Below are the dairy-free desserts that I have made December 2021.

Blueberry Pie

While the filling tasted delicious, unfortunately, the crust had practically no flavor and a tough texture rather than a flaky one. I used cold, dairy-free butter, and followed the instructions as followed – unless I’d overmixed the dough. I don’t know.

But this was not irresistible enough for me. So, at some point, I ended up tossing it in the trash.


This recipe called for oil, eggs, and other typical brownie ingredients. While it was supposed to end up gooey, I might have overcooked it. So, it ended up a bit dry, even if I warmed it up. 

It also tasted kind of strong. Like with the pie, it didn’t draw me to keep eating more. Once I had a few left, I threw them away, too.

Peppermint Chocolate Bark

That is what the main picture shows. I made this twice with enjoy-life semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

First I melted the chocolate. Then I spread it out on parchment paper, topped it with crushed peppermint candy canes, and froze it. It came out delicious.

I made this again, but added dairy-free white chocolate chips to it. It tasted just as good.

Gingerbread Cookies 

This, perhaps, wins out of all the dairy-free desserts I have prepared. I reduced the ingredients by half, although I used a whole egg, even though the recipe called for just one egg. And guess what? The cookies came out delicious.

Another unexpected perk was using fresh ginger since I didn’t have any ground ginger. It enhanced the flavor.


Whether you have a dietary restriction or not, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with different ingredients. The next food group I will reduce is gluten, although it will decrease more gradually than the dairy.

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