Unique Side Dish Ideas For Thanksgiving

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Whether you read this in November (or October if you’re from Canada) or any other time of the year, it can still help you decide on side dishes for Thanksgiving.

Of course, there’s the traditional turkey, whether you bake or deep fry it. Then there is the stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy.

While the side dishes vary per family, it can tire people to use the same ones every year. So, here, I will list some side dish ideas to help you think outside the box. My family has served these during some of our Thanksgiving times.

1: Creamed corn

Cornbread might be, at least, somewhat common. But I don’t think too many people serve creamed corn at Thanksgiving. In fact, I came up with that idea for my Thanksgiving celebrations. And guess what? People loved it.

The recipe I used came from allrecipes(dot)com, which you can search for in Google. It might show itself as a top result. Maybe you will enjoy it, too.

2: Peas and pearl onions

Depending on your tastes, it may or may not sound as exciting as creamed corn. However, it would certainly take up less time to cook, especially if you’re going to have a crowd.

You could cook it in butter, oil, the oven, or steam it on the stove. Or maybe you could brainstorm your own technique or approach.

3: Mashed or roasted potatoes

Mashed yams are commonly served in many families during Thanksgiving, although some might serve mashed potatoes either instead of sweet potatoes or in addition to them. My family usually has both, although I prefer the regular potatoes over the yams. To be honest, I am really no fan of sweet potatoes.

While we never served roasted potatoes before, it wouldn’t hurt to try them. Maybe your guests will enjoy them.

4: Brussel sprouts with balsamic glaze

This is not one of my favorite side dishes. But my family still prepares it. They might benefit those who are health-conscious or trying to lose weight. 

The glaze might add some sweetness and a vinegar effect, too. But I don’t know how much.

5: Waldorf Salad

This used to be prepared at Thanksgiving celebrations in the late 2000’s decade. But not anymore.

If you don’t know what it consists of, it has fruits, nuts, and celery over lettuce as well as mayonnaise for dressing.

I believe my family did not enjoy it too much. But maybe you might want to give it a shot.


If these unique side dishes inspired you or gave you some new ideas, great. After all, everyone wants to spread his or her horizon at times.

Cooking for Thanksgiving does not have to involve stress, regardless of how many people attend the meal. In fact, you can have different individuals make different side dishes. 

After all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

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3 thoughts on “Unique Side Dish Ideas For Thanksgiving

  1. Hello Sunayna & readers,

    One side dish I made for this Thanksgiving that I am sure that many people would not think of is Sweet Potato Casserole. First, you clean the peels of the sweet potatoes before you peel them, then you put them in a pot of water with a pinch of salt. Next, after they’re cooked you strain and rinse them before you start mixing. Take the dish you plan to bake and serve them from, put melted butter, shifted brown sugar and gluten free flour on the bottom of the dish before you add clean/crushed walnuts.
    Then you can start mashing and mixing your sweet potatoes with some butter and brown sugar, mix thoroughly to blend ingredients. After, porten your sweet potatoes to cover the walnuts and fill the dish. Next sprinkle some brown sugar and gluten free flour on top, and let it sit to set. Before you bake it in the oven, put a little white sugar on top to crystallize while it bakes. Lastly, let it cool some before serving.

    Devan Jones

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