Restaurants That Permanently Closed in My Area and Which I Miss

As much as we wish, pretty much no public place stays forever, including restaurants. Even fast food restaurant locations can close.

While those, like McDonald’s, will likely last for a long time, or not, for the rest of humanity, unfortunately, many won’t. You could blame the covid-19 pandemic for some of these restaurant closures.

Below are the restaurants I miss. Note that some of them closed way before covid.

Red Robin

There used to be one about a half hour from where I live. Not only did I enjoy the food, but also the service.

The waiters used to give me extra fries when I ordered takeout. People also got to order and pay through iPads. 

There are no more Red Robins on Long Island, New York. The closest one to me is in New Jersey. Even that one might not last too long.

Maggie Moos

This place used to be 10 minutes away from my house. My family and I would go out for ice cream there… until it closed in the late 2000’s. 

This ice cream parlor centered around a fictional cow called Maggie Moo. Although we never saw her, we did get to enjoy ice cream in various flavors, including unique ones, like cotton candy.

I will never forget this place.

Cold Stone Creamery

Unlike Maggie Moos, this ice cream parlor had many locations. There used to be one 15 minutes away from my home.

What made them unique is that they could mix in anything into your ice cream, such as candy, nuts, and more.

After that location closed, I went to one while visiting Los Angeles in 2017. I also visited one at Atlantic Terminal, a train station in Brooklyn.

While I don’t know if LA or Brooklyn still has those Cold Stone Creamery locations, I did try their mixing method at home. You can read about it here.

Baha Fresh

This place was known for its burritos. I used to order chicken and rice burritos and loved them.

After the Long Island location closed, I went to one in Los Angeles, the same year I bought ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery in that city.

I will never forget this place.

Legal Seafoods

They had the best fish, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls.

The mood set a dim tone as it was a fancy restaurant. It also prepared fresh seafood.

While there could be locations of this place in Boston in Virginia, sadly, there are none left in New York.


This played a big part in my childhood. They not only had delicious meals, particularly breakfast, but also amazing ice cream creations and flavors.

I used to go here for breakfast a lot, especially after getting a blood test right across the street from the location closest to my house. It was perfectly convenient.

Thanks to covid, though, that location is gone. There apparently is only one Friendly’s location left, and it still doesn’t serve breakfast. Hopefully, it will at some point.

I also hope that the permanently-closed Friendly’s near my house will become another restaurant that also serves breakfast and has food just as good. If not, better 

What I Can Do Instead

While I can’t petition to get the restaurants to reopen, I can try making my own versions of these.

The Internet offers lots of restaurant copycat recipes. I can try those – whatever I find.

Of course, I only prepare them for myself. I made my own version of Friendly’s red, white, and blue pancakes, which you can see below.

blueberry pancakes with strawberry preserved and whipped cream on a plate

I will never forget these restaurants. May they RIP.

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