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Who doesn’t love cupcakes? While I have made the traditional flavors, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, carrot, and strawberry, I dream to branch out into different and unconventional flavors.

The company, Baked by Melissa, inspired me to consider some unusual types to bake. Of course, I wouldn’t copy their formulas, which I’m sure the public can’t access. However, maybe I could find some great recipes that could result in satisfaction.

Below is the list:

Cotton candy 

Even though I’ve had cotton candy (pretty much everyone has), I’ve never had that flavor of cupcake. But I have had cotton candy ice cream, and I love it. When it’s in season at Dunkin, and I buy it, it’s hard for me not to finish the whole thing.

When I look for cotton candy flavors online, though, I cannot find anything. Oh, well, I’ll just keep searching. Maybe one day, I will be able to purchase one and make a cupcake in this flavor.


You could prepare this in different ways, such as:

  • A chocolate cupcake with marshmallow creme icing and graham crackers on top
  • A graham cracker flavored cupcake with chocolate icing and marshmallows on top
  • A chocolate cupcake with ganache and marshmallow cream filled with graham cracker crumbs.

If I were to pick one, I would probably choose the first.

Mint Chocolate

I enjoy dark chocolate with mint a lot. Now making a cupcake with that flavor would taste delicious.

What I would do is prepare chocolate cupcakes with mint extract and put together icing with green food coloring and mint extract as well. Yum!


Although cranberry orange muffins already exist, nothing says you can’t bake orange flavored cupcakes.

I don’t know how you would prepare them. Maybe you could add orange juice, zest, and extra sugar. And then you could top it with orange colored and flavored frosting.


The ideas of cupcake flavors could go on. Maybe your ideas would include different kinds, even those out of this world.

The point is that the sky can be the limit at times – at least if you choose to bake the food for yourself. 

Not everyone will like your baked goods or any edible items you create. But, then again, a good percentage might.

What non-traditional cupcakes would you yearn to bake?

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