“Cold Stone Creamery” At Home

Since many Cold Stone Creamery locations have closed, and few, if any, remain, I’ve tried to use their techniques at home. 

Below is a picture of vanilla ice cream with crushed brownies mixed in.

Vanilla ice cream with crushed brownies in a bowl

What I did was crumpled the brownies with my hands into the bowl. Then I scooped some ice cream and mixed it with a spoon. I would smush it, turn it, and toss it around until the mixing went through completely.

It actually took very little effort. The ice cream shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. It should have a consistency in between. 

Beneath is a picture of brownie-mixed vanilla ice cream with M&Ms as well as a smaller bowl of plain vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Two different ice creams, one mixed with M&M’s and brownies, and the other a sundae

If you have ever visited a “Cold Stone Creamery” location, the baristas would mix in your desired fillings, such as cookies, candies, brownies, nuts, and more. However, you didn’t need to include a mix-in if you did not want to.

That is not why the plain sundae is in the photo with the M&M and brownie ice cream. I just found it to look beautiful as if done in a restaurant, despite the smaller serving size.

Why I did this

Any business is bound to close permanently, even when most people can’t imagine so. I am not trying to discourage anyone, though. I am only sharing what I’ve observed over the years.

Suppose you discovered a restaurant with a certain type of dish (meal, dessert, or snack) that you enjoy a lot. But then the place goes out of business unexpectedly, and therefore, you can no longer order that specific menu item.

You have 2 options:

1: Order the same thing at another restaurant

2: DIY – do it yourself

Neither will turn out exactly like the version you discovered in the out-of-business restaurant. While you can’t control how the other place prepares your specifically loved dish, you can control your own version.

When the Friendly’s near me closed in 2020 due to Covid, I made my own version of a pancake dish they’d served before. You can read about it here.


You, too, can mix in whatever you wish into ice cream at your home. I wanted to do a variety of different flavors and mix-ins. Heck, I had even considered an “ice cream” with that method. But those would have both overwhelmed me and caused me to, you know…

So, less can be more. Plus, I can always spread out my variety of different ice cream flavors and fillings over time.

What ice cream would you use, and what would you mix into it?

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