When I Made Japanese Squid Cakes

Fried squid cakes on a paper plate

From chopping squid in a food processor to covering them with flour and egg to frying them like potato pancakes, this produced the squid cakes in the picture above. However, my intention differed. Here was how it began.

Somebody I know shared fried octopus balls with me, which tasted delicious. It had a crispy coating and a chewy filling, which did not stick to my teeth. It also had some ginger in the meat, which enhanced the flavor.

Because the treat pleased me, I tried cooking these octopus balls myself.

These octopus balls originate from Japan. They are called “Takoyaki.” But why did I use squid instead, you might ask?

While at a grocery store, I saw squid at the seafood counter. They had octopus tentacles, too, but they were too big. I knew that much of it would go to waste. It might have cost a lot of money, as well. So, I bought the squid. 

At home, I followed a recipe from a website called japancentre(dot)com. What I hoped would become irresistible ended up being almost the opposite.

Because the recipe didn’t call for salt, I excluded it. However, I wish I had added it. The squid cakes tasted bland and looked unappealing.

Next time, I will add salt and follow the recipe exactly as written. I’ll admit that I omitted a few ingredients and did some things my way. It was because I did not have all the ingredients with me. 

That’s another action I will take next time, too. I will buy all the ingredients in advance, especially the non-perishable items.

If you want to try that octopus balls or squid cakes, I would recommend doing the following:

  • Buy all ingredients in advance, except the squid or octopus. If you can’t find a specific ingredient, then don’t worry about it. Use what you have.
  • Follow the recipe exactly as it is written.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste, even if the recipe doesn’t include it. That being said, don’t overdo it. Put little bits in at a time until you are satisfied.
  • Check the recipes for reviews and overall ratings before trying them. Otherwise, you might end up with a disappointing result.

I hope these tips helped you. Have you ever tried making anything with squid or octopus? Please let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “When I Made Japanese Squid Cakes

  1. How interesting. I have never eaten squid or octopus. I have never even eaten Suchi. I love shellfish, but I am not much of a fish eater.

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