Homemade Meals vs. Commercially-Made Food

When it comes to cooking in today’s world, you either have homemade or commercially-made. While everyone knows the definition of homemade, commercially-made means more than just prepared in a restaurant. Precooked frozen meals, cake mixes, and others like those are considered commercially-made.

Of course, homemade food offers a lot more benefits, while commercially-made food might taste better. Not only that, it can also become an addiction.

I will admit that until recently, I was super-addicted to commercially-made meals. For years after college graduation, I would go out for breakfast pretty much everyday. It drove my mom crazy.

Then the global pandemic hit in March 2020, and all restaurants had to close their dining rooms. But once they could reopen them, the habit of eating out everyday returned to me.

There is no doubt that restaurant or commercially-made food keeps drawing people back to them.

Why commercially-made food is addicting

Lots of salt, sugar, and fat – even preservatives

While much of the general public does not know this, restaurants put a bunch of mysterious ingredients in their food to make it taste good. Not only does this cause people to want to come back, but it also gives more money to the restaurants.

I bet you didn’t know that chain restaurants (aside from fast food ones) have their ingredients prepared and just microwave or reheat them. Have you ever wondered why their food tastes the same at every location?

The exceptions are mom and pop places and non-chain restaurants, including fancy fine dining ones. But with the latter, their food costs a lot more. Because of their fresh ingredients, they need to charge extra in order to make more money.

In fact, you can probably prepare your own version at home, and save lots of money.

Why homemade food is better in the long run

Healthier – you know what went in them

Not only that, you can also swap out certain ingredients for healthier alternatives. That, of course, depends on the recipe and its needs for measurement.

For example, replacing white flour with whole wheat flour might end up leaving your baked good tasting bitter. But reducing the amount of sugar in your tomato sauce, or even omitting it, shouldn’t result poorly.

Cheaper – you save a lot of money

Restaurants charge more, because of seating, paying their workers, and for the ingredients of the food. That is why fancy places with freshly prepared meals often cost a lot more than those like Applebee’s or McDonald’s.

You can make your own versions at home, which will save you tons of money. The Internet also offers many copycat recipes of your favorite restaurant creations.

Better for your mental health, too

The mysterious ingredients don’t just take a toll on your physical health, but also your mental well-being. 

If you remember this from “Super Size Me,” Morgan developed depression after only consuming food from McDonald’s. This shouldn’t surprise you.

Ever since I drastically cut down on commercially-made food, I felt better, mentally. But it might take a few months to see more results.


It is up to you to decide how often you eat out and how often you cook at home. What do you prefer?

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