How I Cured My Four-Year-Long Tomato Allergy

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For 4 years, between the summer of 2017 – summer of 2021, I had been allergic to tomatoes. Thankfully, those days have ended. And I will share with you what I’ve learned, have done, and the process behind it.

What I discovered 

The time my tomato allergy came about turned my world upside-down. I had to give up pizza, pasta dishes containing tomato-based sauces, barbeque sauce, ketchup, and more.

During those years, I researched if it were possible to cure a food allergy or intolerance. Different results had various answers. But I discovered something that sounded promising. That was to take a small amount of the food one is either allergic to or intolerant of, and mix it with a large amount of water.

What I did

I started off with ½ teaspoon of ketchup in a tall glass of water. I took an antihistamine and then a spoonful of ketchup-water. I repeated this for a few days.

Then, with the same measurement of ketchup, I gradually decreased the water little by little. At some point, I introduced small amounts of tomato products back into my digestive system and slowly increased those amounts. Now I am back to where I was before June 2017.

How long it took

This varies from person to person. Each dietary restriction also reacts differently to building a tolerance to the food the individual can’t handle.

For me, this process took 3 months. To confess, I did some days – otherwise, it might have taken 2 months.

Thankfully, my tomato allergy stayed mild and no longer exists within me. This doesn’t work for everybody, however.

While some people may lose their peanut allergies from outgrowing it (which rarely happens), some can go through a special process to build a tolerance toward the nuts. But that can take years, if at all.


I loved reuniting with my favorite tomato-based dishes that I couldn’t consume during the years mentioned. That includes pizza, which I used to take for granted. I will never do that again.

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  1. Oh, this is amazing! I am allergic to tomatoes later in life and I love love love them! I will try this!!!!!

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