A Sticky Bun Bummer

Sticky buns that I made

Ah, sticky buns – you’ve got to love them. They resemble similarities with cinnamon rolls, except without the icing and with pecans.

My mom has made sticky buns before, and guess what – they came out delicious. Not just delicious… irresistible!

I attempted that, too… except that the results failed to satisfy me. I believe the trigger behind the bummer was the yeast.

Yeast matters a lot when it comes to bread products, such as sticky buns. It has to come to a lukewarm temperature to revive, and it must enter the water within a short amount of time.

That’s right, yeast expires. You know what happens when yeast expires? It fails to create a baked masterpiece. That means it fails to rise properly – if at all.

I will share some reasons why your dough did not rise.

Your yeast died or became too old

Yeast is a living organism, which can last for years, as long as it remains inside the right temperature. If it enters a climate too hot or too cold, then there goes its effects on expanding your dough.

My own mistakes

Aside from using yeast at the wrong time, I neglected to check the water’s temperature with a kitchen thermometer. I don’t think the room was too cold. And I definitely waited the right amount of time to let the dough rise.

However, I might have used the wrong type of yeast.

The sticky buns taste

While the dough ended up tough and not fluffy, the taste actually turned out okay. The sauce or glaze still satisfied me as did the pecans. Unfortunately, I had to throw away the buns after trying just one.

For next time

I will buy a new packaged yeast – the right kind. I will also check the water’s temperature before putting the yeast in it.

I think the recipe I used came from ihearteating(dot)com(slash)easy-sticky-buns(slash). You can check it out and give it a try.

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