My Favorite Muffins to Make

chocolate cupcakes in close up view
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I have been baking since I was 12. One of the earliest treats I used to make included muffins.

I don’t recall which flavors they were, as it was too long ago. However, I do have a good number of muffin types that I have baked in recent years.

Below is the list. I will explain how they taste and why I enjoy eating them.


cranberry orange muffins on a plate, which I made

It’s process includes squeezing juice from an orange into the batter and adding cranberries to it. I personally prefer fresh cranberries over frozen or dried. However, fresh cranberries are not always in season. 

In the spring, no grocery store I’ve been to has stocked them.

Nevertheless, they are some of my favorite muffins. The orange adds sweetness while the cranberries add sourness. They make a good combination.


Blueberry muffins in a container

I’ve loved blueberry muffins since I was little. In fact, I really enjoy the ones 7-11 and Dunkin sell, even though I don’t know what is put in them.

One time, I tried making a copycat version of Dunkin’s blueberry muffins. Sadly, they didn’t do well after the first day. You can read about them here.

I think you might know about how blueberry muffins taste. But did you know that most restaurants use wild blueberries instead of fresh ones? I actually like that better since they taste sweeter and aren’t bulky.

Double-Chocolate Chip

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of these muffins as I have not made them recently. In fact, it may have been years since I last baked these.

But I still enjoy the chocolate flavored muffins with chocolate chips. Yum!

Vermont Maple

Maple walnut muffins in a glass container

I first discovered these muffins at Starbucks a few years ago. They tasted like maple syrup and had walnuts.

Sadly, I could not find a copycat recipe of the Starbucks version. However, I did make these types of muffins twice.

The first time, they did not come out well. They had to be thrown away shortly after I made them.

The second time, though, they came out great. I would come back for more muffins a lot.


I also made these recently, but I don’t have a picture of them. 

While I do enjoy corn muffins in general, the ones I last prepared didn’t taste the best. I believe they might have been kind of bitter. They also didn’t have enough moisture, even though I followed the recipe exactly.


Sometimes your muffins or any baked goods may not come out the way you expected. They can be better, or worse.

But don’t give up. After all, the more you practice, the more you’ll improve.

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  1. I would love the recipe for the Double-Chocolate Chip muffins. I love that flavor also. They are like a dessert to me.

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