My Attempt to Make Cafeteria-Style Rice

Rice in a pot that I made


Regardless of its quality, I always found cafeteria rice to taste good. By cafeteria, I mean those in schools and museums.

What I found odd is that I couldn’t find a recipe for it anywhere on the Internet. I could not even find a copycat one. The most relevant result I received was a school cafeteria picture of Spanish rice.

So, I decided to try making the cafeteria-style rice with my own guesses.


Long-grain white rice, uncooked

Chicken broth


How I made it

I measured about 1 or 2 cups of rice and twice the amount of chicken broth. I boiled them together in the same pot and reduced the heat to low for several minutes. Then, of course, I had to wait.

The result

I was hoping for a fluffy and tasty rice similar to what I had gotten in school and at the American Museum of Natural History (they have delicious food in their dining court, despite the high prices). 

However, I did not get that result. While the taste was fine, the texture was undercooked. It felt hard and grainy. Perhaps, I used too little liquid.

Another time, I mixed chicken broth with water. That didn’t end up too well, either. I believe I had to throw away the rice both times.


Despite the struggles of finding a similar recipe and executing it in a satisfactory manner, I will not give up on attempting this again. I am sure I can do this.

Maybe next time, I will use more chicken broth. I did make rice pilaf with a fixed recipe from the Internet before and that came out great. But it did involve a lot of steps.

I don’t know how many people enjoy cafeteria-style rice. But if you want to try to make it yourself, you can use the same ingredients I used, with just a little more chicken broth. Perhaps  a quarter to half a cup more, depending on how much rice you choose to make.

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