The Top Cakes I Have Made in Recent Years

I’ve loved baking since taking home economics in the 7th grade. That is where I first discovered how much I enjoyed it.

While I do understand why a lot of people, including myself, prefer commercially-made cakes for occasions, I often bake mine from scratch.

Why? Because a couple of my current friends have peanut allergies. And many bakeries in my area are not nut-free. 

There are some, but they’re too far of a drive for me. So, that is why I prepare my cakes and other desserts from scratch when the guests with nut allergies come to my parties.

The cakes I will discuss include my 27th birthday cake, college graduation cake, and 26th birthday cake.

Let’s get started:

My 27th birthday cake

I got inspired by one of my friends, who usually has his birthday cakes from Costco. His has been vanilla all over. From the cake, to the buttercream icing, to the filling. It still tasted delicious.

I tried to make my own version. However, mine turned out differently.

I made whipped cream icing, a pastry cream filling, and a vanilla chiffon cake. The cake ended up a little dry, though.

Another unexpected change I ended up doing was topping the cake with various berries and brushing it with apricot jam, like in a fruit tart. You can see in the image below:

My 27th birthday cake

Regardless of the texture, the cake still tasted good. I believe it was not thrown away.


My college graduation cake

The process involved the same recipe as my 23rd birthday cake (which I don’t have a picture of). However, what differed is that I added cocoa powder to the other half of the cake. So, the treat was half vanilla and half chocolate.

The decorating process involved whipped buttercream icing that I had made and Americolor food dyes. That brand is safer for those with nut allergies.

How did I make whipped buttercream frosting? The trick is to use not only the traditional ingredients (butter, vanilla, confectioners sugar), but extra milk, little by little. You also will need to mix with an electric mixer for around 7 minutes. Also, don’t rush. Do both those techniques, and you will have a good result.

Below is the end result of my cake:

My graduation party cake

Last, but not least…

My 26th birthday cake

Because I had to cook a lot that day, I did not want to focus too much on the decorating of the cake.

But guess what – it still came out beautiful, even with minimal decorations. This is when less can be more.

Me at my 26th birthday party

I apologize if I was looking away from the camera. 

But if you pay attention to the cake, you can see how there are few decorations on it. 

It was covered in a whipped cream icing. Another perk was that it tasted like a wedding cake with its chiffon texture and raspberry jam filling.


All in all, despite the tedious work in making the cakes from scratch, they came out delicious. 

Another reason to make your own cakes is that you know what went in them.

That being said, there are venues that won’t accept homemade cakes for health reasons, such as catering halls. However, those will not be relevant to me for a long time, even if the pandemic hadn’t hit the world.

Nevertheless, baking can be fun and not a chore. Try to see it that way. That’ll make it better.

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