Cookie Decorating Techniques You May Want to Try

Cookies in various decorative styles that I made

In mid-December, I demonstrated a virtual cookie decorating lesson for my friends. As you can see in the picture I took, I did polka-dots, a snowman, a sunflower, rainbow stripes, a rose and a basketball. The rose and basketball don’t really look accurate. But, hey, I tried.

So, here is the first tip: when mixing colors with frosting, it’s best to use gel food colors rather than liquid ones. The gel dyes won’t make the icing runny. It will also give you deeper colors.

After you dye your frosting, you can begin decorating your cookies. It is best to use flat cookies so that your designs will come out well.

Now onto the how-to’s for the decorations.

1: Polka-dots

Frost your cookie evenly. Then insert a small-rounded tip into a pastry bag. Fill the bag with icing and squeeze it onto the cookie for no more than a second. Repeat the process.

2: Snowman

Frost your cookie with white frosting. Use the small-rounded tip to make the eyes and mouth. Black is the best option. As for the nose, use a leaf tip with orange icing. Squeeze a little hard and soften your grip to make a triangle.

3: Sunflower

Fill a pastry bag with brown frosting under a star tip. If you don’t have brown food coloring, you can use cocoa powder.

Hold the bag down and compress it. Then lift it up gently. Repeat the process.

Use a star tip again for the yellow petals. After you fill another bag with yellow frosting, release the icing from the center, where the seeds are, and stop at the perimeter or edge of the cookie.

4: Rainbow stripes

It sounds easy. You fill each different bag with one color of the rainbow. Then, with a thick, round tip, you release each bag of icing onto the cookie. At the end, you can smear it with a knife to give it a smooth finish.

5: Rose

There is a special tip for rose making. First you make the bud in the center. Then, as you use the rose tip, you circle your cookie around, both clockwise and counterclockwise.

6: Basketball

Frost your cookie with orange icing. Then, with the small, rounded-tip, release black icing onto the cookie and make some interlacing thin stripes.

Note: For this, unless you’re super-familiar with a basketball design, it’s best to use a reference image.

I hope this helped.

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